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44% of households in the UK are home to pets, according to data from the RSPCA.

To put that into perspective, that amounts to more than 12 million pet-owning homes across Britain…and rather more pets (since many households own more than one).

 In fact, there are 17 million cats and dogs in the UK, and that’s before we even begin to consider any other species of pet. Pet insurance with Money Saving Pet Centre (provided by quotezone)

But whether your pets have paws, claws, or floppy ears, the cost of caring for your beloved animals can soon mount up…particularly if they get ill or are injured and need to make an unexpected visit the vet. 

That’s why a significant number of those 12 million pet owners decide to take out a dedicated pet insurance policy for their pets, whether it’s dog insurance for their beloved pooch, cat insurance for their feline friend or rabbit insurance for their floppy-eared bunny.

How To Use Our Pet Comparison System

Our insurance comparison system can compare quotes for puppy insurance or older dog insurance, kitten insurance or cat insurance, and you’ll have various levels of cover to choose from for your animal. 

It doesn’t matter whether your pet is a pedigree or a cross-breed, either – we can still compare the best quotes from our panel of insurance providers to help you find a great deal. Getting a quote is simple, too. Simply fill in our short online form with a few details about yourself and your pet, and within minutes we can provide you with multiple insurance quotes. 

When the quotes are returned, as well as displaying the price we will clearly show what is included in the policy, including vets’ fees, whether or not multi-pet cover is available and if lifetime cover for ongoing conditions is provided. Not all pet insurance policies are the same, of course, so when you compare quotes it’s important to make sure you pick the one that is right for your pet and remember to check what’s included in the specific policy.

Why You Should Consider Insuring Your Pet

According to research by the Money Advice Service the average cost of a pet insurance claim in the UK amounts to £750. Most households would find that sort of price tag rather difficult to swallow…unless they have invested in a good pet insurance policy. There’s also the risk that your dog, cat or rabbit might develop some sort of chronic medical condition, which could result in an even larger number of trips to the vet…and an equally large veterinary bill.

What Levels Of Insurance Cover Are Available For Your Pets?

Whether you’re looking for the cheapest pet insurance possible, or you plan to give your furry friend the best insurance policy money can buy, there are four main levels of cover available: accident-only, per condition, annual insurance and lifetime insurance.

Accident Only:As the name suggests, this type of policy usually only covers medical expenses that you incur when your pet is injured in an accident. For that reason it’s usually the cheapest type of pet insurance, but it does mean you’ll have to cover the cost yourself if your pet needs medical attention for an illness. Some of these accident-only policies also limit the total amount they’ll pay out for a single accident, while others might only pay out for a limited period of time after a pet is injured.
Per-condition: These policies tend to limit the total amount they’ll pay out for any single condition. Depending on the policy you choose the limit might be a certain amount of money, or it might cover the condition for a certain amount of time following its diagnosis. Once that time limit or monetary limit has been reached the policy usually no longer covers any expenses relating to that particular condition. This could be a good option if you’re looking for cheaper UK pet insurance, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the cheapest of these policies could have fairly low per-condition limits so you should double check this before signing on the dotted line.
Annual pet insurance: Unlike lifetime insurance, this type of insurance policy gives you the flexibility to switch insurance provider if you wish, but it’s important to bear in mind that each new insurance policy you take out might become more costly than the last, due to your pet’s advancing age. It’s also important to understand that each time you take out a new annual insurance policy previously diagnosed conditions usually won’t be covered, since the new policy will class them as ‘pre-existing medical conditions’.
Lifetime Cover: This is usually the most expensive type of pet insurance, but is also the most comprehensive level of cover available. Provided your pet doesn’t have any pre-existing medical conditions when you first sign up for this type of policy you will usually be covered for most types of illnesses, up to a maximum annual pay-out amount. These policies are sometimes known as annual benefit policies, because they have a per-condition limit that is renewed annually along with the policy.

How To Find Cheap Pet Insurance

As we already mentioned, ensuring your animal is up to date with its vaccinations and booster shots can help reduce the cost of insuring your pet, as can getting your cat or dog neutered.

Beyond that, there are a few other things you can do to increase the likelihood that you’ll find cheaper pet insurance:

  • Keep your cat or dog indoors, since house cats and house dogs are less likely to be stolen or run away from home
  • Insure multiple animals under the same multi-pet insurance policy, which should prove cheaper than insuring each pet separately
  • Opt for a higher excess, particularly when your cat or dog is young and healthy
  • Consider accident-only pet insurance if you’re unable to afford more comprehensive cover. Accident-only policies are less appropriate when your cat or dog is older and more prone to illness, but may be suitable for young, healthy pets.

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